Dispatches from the Snow Globe Heart

by Spooky Action at a Distance

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released January 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Spooky Action at a Distance Minneapolis, Minnesota

spooky sounds from the middle west part of this country

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Track Name: Smoke Signals
shedding sparks I've been writing poems with matches in the dark an epilogue to an empty book in smoke signals that vanish when you turn to look secret words that you whispered through cupped hands into the earth spread like frost and crystalized but I can't read the writing that they left behind we don't need to fill silent spaces take the pauses and excavate them until they crack along their seams and all of our useless and troubled words go slipping in between when you said mourning dove isn't spelled like the time of day ever since the birds outside never have sounded quite the same the pilot light that burns beneath the ground and keeps the leaves on trees flickers now at the slightest breeze but still I take the bus to work and walk home in my sleep we don't need to fill silent spaces take the pauses and excavate them until they crack along their seams and all of our useless and troubled words go slipping in between
Track Name: Fault Lines
take my hand and we'll soon be returning to those days of resurrected time when the winter sun shattered in through the window and split your skin with splinters cut from the light that shine through your palms along your lifeline which I will trace until you know the fault lines in your flesh that make you wince also make you glow take me back to the old arched doorway place my palms against the wall and with my stethoscope arms unfolded I can feel the pulse rise and fall winter wind swept straight through the backyards and lingered where the thistle grows up dense came so softly seeping in through the heater and wove crowns of nettles around our heads and when we awoke all the creases in the sheets had turned to mountain ranges in our sleep and left behind a map without a key if I looked in the bedroom window where your breath turned to frost on the glass would I see familiar shadows or just my reflection on mirrors turned back
Track Name: Nightwalking
night walking on cool cement casting back my silhouette as it crawled over a wall you're on the other side but you can't feel me at all circling around the lake we revolve at equal rates when I reached the distant shore footprints creased the sand you had been there before if I turned on the radio and spun the dial would I hear the same song you are listening to tonight and in the pause following the final fading chord would the static crackle and link us through the floorboards so just like railroad tracks beneath the weeds we'll follow twin trajectories parallel but hidden from our eyes so when I find the bedroom window open in the morning with your footprints in the snow there's no surprise when the years have turned us grey and our children have moved away maybe then I'll pass you by will I know your face or will I look right through your eyes
Track Name: Passing Song
in the twilight glow thought I saw a shadow rise up from the floor and dance across the table to set the moon wavering on its thin back string mirror of two empty eyes still glittering if I could go back would I recognize half the moments I've memorialized tin can telephones are carving up my hands jagged edges salt my wounds with sand breathe in through the vents tremble through the curtains when the floorboards creak then I can be certain you are dwelling in the things that I can't see we're still speaking through the rustle of the leaves I remember when the wire snapped took a scissors and cut me free at last but in my fictions I still recognize how it looked when the moonlight filled your eyes