Spooky Action at a Distance

by Spooky Action at a Distance

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released December 30, 2013



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Spooky Action at a Distance Minneapolis, Minnesota

spooky sounds from the middle west part of this country

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Track Name: Sliver Sleeves
Trespassing through the golf course at night we hide in the pine stands from the searchlights on a bed of needles we lay 'til they scrawled crimson scratches in our shoulder blades when the purple sky turns grey we'll hold our breath and listen to the interstate underneath the lake the fish sleep motionless and in their opal eyes their lives a happiness when the first snowfall of the year purifies the parking lots and whistles through the air then my arms will itch and bleed sprouting needles sewn like slivers that lace all along my sleeves when the purple sky turns grey we'll hold our breath and listen to the interstate swirling in that pregnant sound we'll lose our voices to the hum of ocean waves
Track Name: The Turning Wind
I held a silent vigil outside on your front lawn and lit my luminaries up to mourn the time that's gone when just like the cicada bugs in june we shed our skin slipped out through the chimney pipes swept up by the wind oh how our laughter rang from off the roofs and echoed in the clouds as we watched our hollow bodies on the ground we hijacked a hot air balloon and swept in out to sea and all the crew and passengers they watched the shore recede we held them all imprisoned there until their souls did fly slipped out through their open mouths and joined hands in the sky and still our parents wait for us to resurrect in living rooms never realizing we are tilting now with trade wind swoons
Track Name: Spools
It felt sacred when we let go and copper wires spread between our hands they unravelled from spools we hid inside our chests and spread like golden yarn and sometimes I still feel you when you move just like the tide feels the moon and you can feel me too slow erosion turned your ribs to branches of a weeping willow tree and through your ribs they'll see the spool of yarn now empty just like they see in me but when the breezes blow our bones will make the prettiest sounds and resonate together through the ground now I'll sit so still until two hands invisible deliver me from all that is eerie I know that this is the furthest and closest that you'll ever be and the saints will shiver through their robes for all the time that's gone and all that's left to go
Track Name: Cathedral Doors
Wrap your phantom limbs around me 'til my body goes to sleep and with my body set on fire we will float above the street now it hardly seems to matter all the eeriness is gone with your legs gone limp your eyes are two cathedral doors at dawn whisper to me through the static white noise television screen scratch those pictures in my eyelids show me all you've ever seen I'll be listening through the telephone receiver for your call so shut the blinds and keep tomorrow always waiting in the hall